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D.D.S., practicing Dental Surgeon,
Toronto, Ont., was born on April 24th,

1865, in the township of Peel, Wellington County,
Ont. His father is Abram Oakley, fruit mer-
chant, Southern California. He was married
September 16th, 1890, to Bella M. Hay, daughter
of the late Robert Hay. J.P., Maryborough, Out.
Dr. Oakley received his education in the public
schools of Ontario, and matriculated in medicine
in Trinity University. He began the study of
dentistry in 1886 at the Royal College of Dental
Surgeons of Ontario, and graduated with honors
in 1889. In the same year he graduated with
honors from Toronto University, when the degree
of Doctor of Dental Surgery was conferred upon
him. Dr. Oakley is a member of Queen Street
Methodist Church, Toronto, and is closely con-
nected with all the departments of Christian
labor. A Christian young man with a liberal
education and broad culture, as well as a
thorough knowledge of his profession, he is


hound to have many friends and attain an honorable record in the race of life

JUIIS R"],.   I:1",lil". 1,.1).5., D.D.S.

J. WALSH, plumber, Hamilton, Ont.,

was born on the 1st of February, 1856, in that city. He was educated at the Hamilton public schools, and afterwards went as an apprentice to H. Harding, plmber. In 18;1 he entered the establishment of Young Brothers, Hamilton, until 18'75, when he became foreman to Mr. D. McFee. After this he filled important positions in the sane line of business in New York and Chicago, where he received a thorough knowledge of plumbing, steam heating, hot water heating, and ventilation, until in 1885 he re-turned to Hamilton, where he has since carried on a steadily increasing business as plumber in all its branches. He takes extensive contracts for all classes of work, and has given the utmost satisfaction to all who have favored him with their patronage. The very marked success of Mr. Walsh is a clear illustration of the old proverb, that " there is always room at the top." In politics he is an active Conservative and in religion a Methodist. He also belongs to the Free Masons. He was married in 1884 to Ida, second daughter of Thomas Egan, of Hamilton.


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