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EDMUND SWEET, LL.B., of Harley &
Sweet, barristers, Brantford, Out., was
born at I,'Orignal on June loth,
186o, his father being the late Rev. E. E. Sweet,
of the Methodist Church. Educated at Brant-
ford Collegiate Institute, he graduated in law
at Victoria University, and is an undergra-
duate in arts of Toronto University. He
studied law with the late B. F. Fitch, Brant-
ford, and with Bethune, Moss, Falconbridge
& Hoyles, Toronto, and was called to the bar
with honors in 1884. He commenced practice
in Brantford, and in November, 1885, entered
into his present partnership. Mr. Sweet holds
a first-class grade " A " special course certi-
ficate from the Royal School of Infantry at
St. Johns, and was a captain in the Dufferin
Rifles, resigning in 1887. On the 31st of
May, 1888, he married Edith, daughter of
George Foster, Esq., Brantford. An active
member of Brant Avenue Methodist Church,
he holds office as trustee, steward and Bible-
class teacher. He has been for four years a
member of the Public School Board and is
now chairman of the Educational Committee.


donia, Out., was born in January,

186, in Blenheim township, County of Oxford, Ontario. He was married in 1886 to Armintha Haggan. Mr. Cosens was educated at the public schools of his native place, afterwards at the Cobourg Collegiate Institute, and finally in Victoria University. He spent his early years, like many other of the professional men of Canada, on the farm. In June, 1877, Mr. Cosens was received by the Guelph Conference of the Methodist Church as a probationer for the sacred ministry, and was ordained in June, 1883. He has travelled through the following circuits : Elora, Erin, Hespler, Stratford, Mitchell, Brussels, Jarvis, Bright and Caledonia. Mr. Cosens is a diligent and faithful pastor, a good, sound Gospel preacher, and has been eminently successful in the different fields he has occupied. He has the faculty of taking good care of many things, and no duty that falls to the lot of a Methodist minister is neglected.



121 Church street, Toronto, Ont., was born in the County of Frontenac, Ontario, in 1862. He is a son of the late George Patter-son. Mr. Patterson was educated in Toronto, and in 1877 was apprenticed to T. H. Staples, engraver, in Toronto. In 1883 he began business on his own account, giving his special attention to the manufacturing of stamps and designs for books and publications of all kinds. His establishment is the only one of its kind in Toronto, and, necessarily, his business from year to year has extended in proportion as the publishing business has increased in Ontario. Mr. Patterson has prepared almost all the stamps and designs for the publications of subscription publishing houses and other large book-selling establishments in the Dominion. He is a skilful workman, as is recognized by the extensive business that he has created. Mr. Patterson is a member of the Episcopalian Church, and a member of various societies.



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