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STONHAUGH, of Fetherston-
haugh & Co., patent barristers,
solicitors, experts, and draughtsmen,
Toronto, was born June 2nd, 1863, at
Paisley, Out. He is the son of Francis
Fetherstonhangh, of Carrick Place,
County of Westmeath, Ireland, and
Fannie Swift, of the celebrated Swift
family. He was educated at the
Toronto Collegiate Institute, and after
studying law was called to the Bar in
Michaelmas Term, 1889. He spent
over nine years with Ridout & Co.,
patent solicitors, during which time he
devoted special attention to the study

of the profession, both from a legal and mechanical standpoint. He is the only barrister in Canada who devotes himself in his office and court practice exclusively to patents, trademarks, de-sign and copyrights. He has a resident partner in Washington, D.C., who personally attends to all cases of the firm before the American Patent Office. Mr. Fetherstonhangh was married February 17th, 1887, to Marion Arabelie Rutledge, of Brooklyn, N.Y. In religion, he is a member of the Anglican Church. In his profession he commands the confidence of a large clientage, and has already acquired a lucrative practice.


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