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X11,:, OF' CANAL)A


& Vick, contractors on new Par-

liament Buildings, Toronto, was born in Toronto on November 5th, 1S38, and was educated at the old Model School, King street, Toronto. He was apprenticed to the building trade with Medcalfe, Wilson & Forbes. At the expiration of his apprenticeship he entered business as a builder on his own account, in which he continued until 1878, at which time he retired from that business and opened out as importer and dealer in builder's sup-plies, continuing that business until 1S89, when he sold out to Mr. Maguire, 84 Adelaide street West, to enable hint to devote his whole time to the completion of the new Parliament Buildings, in which he is now engaged.


JOHN BENJAMIN VICK is the partner of the above-mentioned Robert Carroll, and together they compose the firm of Carroll & Vick, contractors and builders. Mr. Vick was born in 1843 in the city of Hereford, Eng., and was married in 1866 to Francis Annie Sadler. He received his education at the National School in Hereford, and was afterwards apprenticed to the stone-cutting business in the same city. As soon as he completed his apprenticeship he left his native city and devoted the next six years to securing employment on the largest and best buildings in course of erection at that time in England. During that period, among others, he was engaged in building the new foreign offices, London, for about one and one-half years. He came to Canada in 1870, and was first employed as foreman in Toronto, and in 1872 he was engaged on the new post office in Toronto under John Elliott, the con-tractor ; afterwards he filled the same position for Mr. Benjamin 'Walton, con-tractor, of Toronto. In 1877 he made

arrangements with Mr. Lionel Yorke to take the sole management of the cut-stone branch of his business. In 1886 he entered into partnership with Mr. Yorke, and at his death became partner with 1\Ir. Robert Carroll, to complete the Parliament Buildings under the contract of his late partner. These buildings, which are now in course of erection, will long stand as a monument to the business capacity and professional ability of the subjects of these memoirs. Mr. Vick is a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and has held the office of church warden for the past five years. Mr. Vick's mechanical skill and practical knowledge of plain and ornamental stone cutting, so largely used in the better class of our public buildings, has been one secret of his success in life, while his integrity and honorable dealing has given him the confidence of all who know him, and made for him a host of friends.



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