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HON. WILLIAM F. SANFORD, of Hamilton, Out., member of the Dominion Senate, was born in New York city in 1840. His parents dying when he was quite young, he was sent to Hamilton and brought up by his uncle, Edward Jackson, Esq. At the age of fifteen he entered the publishing firm of Framer, Brace & Co., New York, where he remained six years, when he was offered a partnership in the business, but the death of the senior partner prevented the carrying out of this arrangement. Mr. Sanford then returned to Hamilton and married his cousin, Miss Jackson. After this he engaged in the foundry business in London, but upon the death of his wife, which occurred a short time after their marriage, he returned to Hamilton and engaged in the wool business. In 1862 Mr. Sanford entered into part-

nership with M. A. McInnis in the manufacture of clothing, and from this beginning has arisen the great house of the W. F. Sanford Manufacturing Co., (Limited). The Sanford block on King and John streets, Hamilton, is an establishment which speaks for itself as regards the magnitude of the business. Senator Sanford is certainly to be classed among the most successful business men of Canada. He has occupied the position of president of the Board of Trade, vice-president of the Hamilton Provident and Loan Society, is now one of the Board of Regents of Victoria University, director of the

Empire newspaper, and president of the Hamilton Ladies' College ; he was one of the projectors and vice-president of the Manitoba and North-Western Railway Company. Mr. Sanford was married, a second time, to Harriet Sophia, daughter of Thomas Faux, Esq., of the House of Commons, Ottawa, a lady of culture and refinement, who is prominent in connection with the charities of the city, in which she is ably assisted by Mr. Sanford, who takes an interest in and contributes largely to the support of various benevolent institutions. His liberality has long since become proverbial.


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