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succeeded in establishing for himself a lucrative practice. In addition to his professional work, he has taken considerable interest in rail-road enterprises, and was specially prominent in organizing the narrow gauge railways. He acted as solicitor for the Toronto and Nipissing Railway from its inception until it was merged in the Midland. In politics Mr. Leys is an active, energetic Reformer, and in 1886 was elected member for the city of Toronto in the Legislature of Ontario. For several years he has given special attention to farming, and has the finest herd of Holsteins in the Dominion of Canada, having taken first prizes against all competitors. In 1890 he was created a Oueen's Counsel by the Government of Ontario. In religion, Mr. Leys, as might be expected from his birth and training, is a staunch Presbyterian, and was for several years secre-St. Andrew's Benevolent

JOHN LEYS, O.C., barrister,

J Toronto, Ont., was born at Pickering, Ontario County, on the 2 7th of January, 1 834. His father, Francis Leys, one of the earliest settlers in the township, came from Aberdeen-shire, Scotland. He was educated first at Pickering school, and afterwards, when he had reached his twelfth year, at the Toronto Academy, of which the Rev. Alexander Gale was then president. Having completed his preparatory educational training, he entered the law office of Angus Morrison and was admitted to the Bar in 1S6o. Possessed of no ordinary ability, he soon

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Society, Toronto, rendering signal service to emigrants from Scotland, many of whom can testify to the kind assistance given them on their coming to Ontario. Though a native born Canadian, he is devotedly attached to the land whence his forefathers sprung. Mr. Leys was married in the year 1865 to Helen, daughter of the late Mr. William Arthnrs. She died on the 1 Sth of November, 1890. He commands the respect, not only of the profession in Toronto, but of all classes, irrespective of creed or nationality.


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