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barrister, etc., Toronto, was born at Three Rivers, Quebec, 1st February, 1828. His parents were Rev. Francis Evans and Maria Sophia, daughter of Rev. T. F. Lewis, of Somersetshire, Eng. Shortly after their marriage they came to Quebec, where 1\Ir. Evans was ordained, and afterwards became Rector of Wood-house, Upper Canada, where he labored till his death in 1856. He was a worthy man, and greatly beloved by his flock. Mr. Evans-Lewis received a thorough education—first at Upper Canada College, and afterwards at

King's College and Toronto
University, where he took
degrees, graduating B. A.
In 185o, he visited England,
Ireland and France, and re-
turning to Canada, was ap-
pointed Head Master of the
Simcoe Grammar School,
which lie held until 186.
He then received the ap-
pointment of third Classical
Master in Upper Canada
College, which he filled till
186o, when the mastership
was abolished. Mr. Evans-
Lewis having decided to
enter the legal profession,
then entered the law office
of Mr. Adam Crooks, O.C.,
and remained there until
1864, when he was called to
the Bar. From that time he
has practiced in Toronto,
and has acquired for him-
self a high standing in that
city. In 18;2 he was elect-
ed to the Public School
Board, in 18i9 alderman,
and re-elected for the years
188o, 1881, 1882 and 1883,
after which he retired.
While in the Council he

was for a time chairman of the Water
-Works Committee. Mr. Evans-Lewis
is a member of the Collegiate Institute
Board, and a vice-president of the Irish
Protestant Benevolent Society. He is
an active member of St. Philip's Epis-
copal Church, superintendent of the
Sunday School and lay delegate to the
Synod. His busy life is a constant denial
of the assumption that the rendering of
successful service to the public neces-
sarily prohibits activity in religious mat-
ters. He appears to be able to serve both
interests well. In 1890 Mr. Evans took
the name of Evans-Lewis, in accordance
with the terms of a family settlement.


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