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of Toronto, Out., was born on the 6th of May, 1544, at Port Hope, and is descended of Irish parentage. Until the age of fifteen he attended school, and then entered St. Michael's College, Toronto, where he remained until 1864, when he entered the Grand Seminary at Montreal, and spent the next three years in the study of theology. On the 21St of July, 1867, he was ordained priest in St. Mary's Church, Toronto, by Archbishop Lynch, and was then given charge of St. Catherines, which he served for nearly a year, and then was appointed pastor of the Gore parish, in the

County of Peel. From the

Gore he was transferred to P

St. Paul's Church, Toronto, and, after two years labor in this field removed to Oshawa, where he spent five years, serving the two churches at Whitby and Oshawa. During that period he founded two separate schools and the presbytery of Oshawa. In the year 1877 Father McCann came to Toronto and was appointed Rector of the Cathedral and Chancellor of the Arch-diocese. In 1852 he was appointed pastor of St. Helen's Church, Brockton, Toronto. During his ad-ministration this parish rapidly improved, and St. Helen's now ranks as one of the important parishes of the city. In January, 1891, Father McCann was again installed as Rector of St. Michael's Cathedral, Toronto, in which responsible position he is at the present time engaged in ful-

filling the sacred duties of his ministry. In addition to his parochial labors, Father McCann is interested in every work that has for its end the highest good of the community. He is recognized as an able and public spirited citizen, giving his time and energies for whatever is calculated to advance the common welfare of his fellows. In 1859 he was created Dean of Toronto by Archbishop Walsh. As Father McCann is still in the prime of life, higher honors are, doubtless, in store for him, and we may expect to hear his name in connection with the onward march of education and Christianity.


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