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M.A., M.D., F.E.S.L., England; Toronto, philanthropist,

scientist and author ; was born December 13th, 1832, in Belleville, Ont. In early life he went to New York and served as compositor on the Ez'cniz

Post under Bryant, the poet. During this period he formed the friendship of Garibaldi, which continued till the death of the Italian patriot in 1882. In 1851 Dr. Ross began the study of medicine under Dr. Mott, and subsequently under Dr. Trall. After four years study he received the degree of 1`I.D.. and next the appointment of

surgeon in the army of Nicaragua.
At this period lie took part in the anti-
slavery struggle, and rendered such
service with John Brown, of Harper's
Ferry, and others, as to call forth the
enconiums of Senator Wade, Vice-
President of the United States, and the
poet Whittier. During the rebellion
he was appointed by President Lincoln
confidential agent in Canada. After
the downfall of the Confederacy he be-
came surgeon in the Mexican Republi-
can army and subsequently returned
to Canada to prosecute his studies as a
naturalist. He has enriched by his
contributions of Canadian fauna and

flora the museums of Paris,
St. Petersburg, Vienna,
Rome, Athens, Dresden,
Lisbon, Teheran and Cairo,
and has written extensively
on every department of
natural science. Besides
the usual medical degrees,
he has been knighted by
the Emperor of Russia, the
kings of Italy, Greece, Por-
tugal and Saxony, and has
received Medal of Merit
from the Shah of Persia,
and decorations of honor
from Egypt and France.
Dr. Ross is a Fellow of
Continental and British
Literary, Zoological, En-
tomological and Ornitholo-
gical societies, and has been
associated with the most
eminent philanthropists of
the age in questions of moral
and physical reform. On
his fiftieth birthday, he was
the recipient of many con-
gratulations from such per-
sons as Whittier, Wendell
Philips and Mrs. Beecher
Stowe, who joined in testify-
ing to his labors and worth.



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