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JOHN D. WILSON, M.D., C.I., 26o Queen's Avenue, London,

Ont., was born at Morpeth,

Ont., on the 5th of June, 1858. He received his early education in a private school, taught by the late James Thompson, M.A., well known for his scholarly attainments and success as a trainer of youth. Dr. Wilson after-wards attended the medical classes in Trinity University, Toronto, where he graduated, and at a later date spent a considerable time in Europe studying the higher branches of his profession and attending the famous hospitals in London, Eng., and on the continent.

On his return he began practice in London, Western Ontario, where he has resided since 1882, having now a large and daily increasing business. In addition to his ordinary professional practice, he and his brother have established a private hospital for the treatment of tubercular diseases, which Dr. Wilson has for some time made a speciality. He was married on September 1st, 1887, to Flora, daughter of M. C. Cameron, ex-M.P., of Goderich, Out. In religion, Dr. Wilson belongs to the Anglican Church. He holds a high place among the many young practitioners of Western Canada.


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