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ALLAN McLEAN HOWARD, L   Clerk of the First Division

Court in the County of York, was born in Toronto on the 7th of May, 1825, and was married to \Vilhelmina Macdonald, of Edinburgh, Scot-land, by whom he has six children, who are all filling responsible positions. Mr. Howard received his education in the Home district <Yrammar school of Toronto, kept by Dr. McAulay. At the age of seventeen he entered the office of his father, the late James S. Howard, then treasurer. of the Home district. Here he remained till 1854, when he was appointed to his present

office. Mr. Howard in religion is an ardent churchman, and has occupied many important positions, such as church warden, and on several occasions has been delegate to the Provincial Synod at Montreal. He is a director of the Confederation Life Insurance Co., and takes an active part in all public business matters, and is an able, intelligent and ardent advocate of Imperial Federation, a subject which in recent years has been widely discussed by many of the leading minds of the country. Mr. Howard is honest and outspoken,_ and he enjoys the confidence of a large circle of friends.


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