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D.I).S., L.I).S., practicing Dental Sur-

geon, corner of Bloor and Yonge streets, Toronto, Ont., son of John Webster, carriage builder, of that city, was born November 12th, 1866, in Toronto. He was married April 8th, 1889, to Jessie Langley, daughter of Henry Langley, member of the firm of Langley & Burke, architects. Dr. Webster received his education in the public schools and Collegiate Institute of Toronto, and began the study of dental surgery in the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, where he remained one year ; he then went to Michigan and spent two years in the University of Michigan, where he graduated, receiving the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. He then returned and finished his course in the Royal College of Dental Surgeons, graduating in 1889, receiving the college gold medal for practical work. Dr. Webster is secretary of the Toronto Dental Society, and a member of various fraternal organizations. He is in the prime of life, and from the way he has

begun his career, he will undoubtedly attain   1-4

EDWARD ALBERT FORSTER distinction.   barrister and solicitor, Toronto,

was born of Irish parentage in the United States on the zoth of December, 1859. He was educated there in the public schools, and afterwards at the Toronto Collegiate Institute and Normal School. In the year 1877 he entered the Ontario Law Society as a student at law and studied in the law office of Macdonald

  • Paterson, and subsequently in that of Francis

  • Wardrop. Mr. Forster has given special attention to the study of criminal and mercantile law, and is favorably known amongst the leading builders and contractors of Toronto—he being solicitor for some of the leading men in the building trade. In November, 1890, he formed a partnership with Robert Hodge, under the name of Hodge & Forster. He is a member of the Church of England, a member of the A.F.

  • A. Masons, Master of Boyne Loyal Orange Lodge No. 173, and is also a member of other fraternal organizations. In politics he is a Conservative. He has reached his present professional position by his own personal exertions and

ALFRED I REDERICP WEBSTER DD.S., L.D.S.   unremitting diligence.



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