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JAMES WASHINGTON WESTERVELT, London, Out., was born at Brampton, County of Peel, 1st January, 1848.

He was educated at Brampton High School, under John Seath, B. A., head master, who, after filling several important principalships, was appointed Inspector of High Schools and Collegiate Institutes, which position he now holds. At the age of 16 Mr. Westervelt entered the Registry Office of the County of Peel, and in four years afterwards was appointed Deputy Registrar. He then again returned to the High School and obtained a second

class grade certificate and

entered upon teaching. This he abandoned in three years for mercantile pursuits, but after two years of business life, he again entered the teacher's profession, and was appointed in February, 18'75, Commercial Master of the Brantford public schools, which position he held until 1881, when he resigned, in order to accept the Principalship of the Woodstock Business College, in connection with the Woodstock College. Beginning the college with but one pupil, in four years it had reached such a position under Mr. Westervelt's management, that the Board had to en-gage an assistant. In 1885 he resigned the Principal-ship of Woodstock Business College, and organized what is known as the " Forest City Business College " in the city of London. The school was organized with the de-termination to give the most practical business education

to be had, and that Mr. Westervelt has succeeded in this is proved by the large patronage given the college by the business community. The growth of the school has been unprecedented in the history of such institutions. From a small beginning, it has grown to immense proportions. At present there are no less than 150 students in attendance, which is 30 per cent in advance of any similar period of the school's history. Mr. Westervelt was married 28th October, 18;o, to Miss Susan Brooks Learment. He is a member of the Talbot Street Baptist Church, Lon-don, Out.


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