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ALEX. ANTHONY DAME, M.D., C.M., Toronto, was born in

NOrth Marysburgh, Prince Edward County, Out., on the 9th of July, 1846. His father was Allan Mc. Dame, C.F., grandson of Colonel John F'. Dame, of the British army, and cousin of Col. A. John McDonald, aide-de-camp to General Brock. His mother was Mary A. Smith. He was married on the 25th of January, 1877, to Mary A. Davis, daughter of N. H. Davis, of Hamilton, who died in 1881, leaving one son, Allan Davis Dame, who still survives her. Dr. Dame was educated in the public and private

schools, and at the early age of seven-teen years began teaching. He entered the Royal Military College at Kingston and graduated in 1866. During the Fenian Invasion he was in command of one of the companies at the frontier. After this he entered the Royal Medical College of Queen's University, Kingston, and graduated with honors, receiving a gold medal as a special reward of merit. After graduating he began his profession in Lincoln County, and, in 1889, removed to Toronto, where he enjoys a large and lucrative practice. Dr. Dame has been a member of the Masonic body since 1872.


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