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Out., was born in Dublin,
Ireland, on the 8th of February, 1823,
his father, John Magill, being a
resident of that city. He was married
on the 21st of January, 1862, to Char-
lotte Ballard, daughter of the Rev.
Thomas Ballard, Wesleyan minister.
Mr. Magill received his early education
in Dublin, and served four years in the
study of civil engineering. At the age
of twenty he began his career as a
teacher, having graduated from the
Dublin Normal School, and taught for
seven years. During that period he
was offered a position in one of the

Normal Schools. After this he be-came the manager of estates, continuing thirteen years in that occupation. In 1866 he came to Canada and settled in Toronto. After a time he took charge of the Academy, formerly con-ducted by the Rev. Alex. Williams, M.A. In 1871 he removed his establishment to Simcoe street, where he opened a boarding and day school, and gave himself exclusively to the training of boys for the higher walks of professional life, and preparing them for the entrance examinations to the different colleges. Many hundreds of the chief business men of Toronto

were trained in Mr. Ma-gill's school, and no man is more favorably known. In Mr. Magill's day the facilities for higher education, now provided, were not within the reach of young Canadians, and, in the opinion of some, it is still held that the individual training of boys in such schools was superior to what is now received in many cases in government institutions. While the classes were not so large, and the competition, possibly, not so great, there was the ad-vantage of individual con-tact between master and pupil for a longer period than at the present day. In his professional work Mr. Magill has been ably assisted by his wife as teacher of French, music, drawing, English literature, etc. Mr. Magill is a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and also of various benevolent societies.


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