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~~.   M.D., practicing physician, of

Toronto, Out., was born on the 1st of October, IS57, in Wellington County, Ont., and is the son of the late Robert Hay, of Maryboro. In 1887 he was married to Carrie Ogden, daughter of Dr. W. W. Ogden, professor in the University of Toronto, whose biography appears elsewhere in these pages. Dr. Hay was educated at Listowel, Guelph and St. Catharines Collegiate Institutes. In i SS i he entered the Toronto School of Medicine and graduated in 1885 from Victoria University. He then went to Europe and studied in the

hospitals of Edinburgh and London, receiving the degree of L.S.A. from London, Eng. After this he returned to Toronto and began the practice of his profession. Although still a young man, he has gained the confidence of the medical profession to a very large extent, and has reached his present position by well recognized ability and indomitable effort. Dr. Hay is a member of Queen Street Methodist Church, Toronto, a member of the official board of that congregation, and takes an active interest in all good works connected with his church. He is also a member of various fraternal societies.


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