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C.M., (McGill College), Medical

Superintendent of Toronto General Hospital, was born in Hamilton, Out., 19th of June, 1846. He is the eldest son of the late Gerald O'Reilly, M.D., L,.R.C.S.I., of Bailin-lough, County Meath, Ireland, and a descendant of the ancient family of Brefney O'Reilly, A.D. 611. Dr. O'Reilly was educated in Hamilton at private schools, and, in 1863, matriculated at McGill, where he passed through the regular curriculum of four years for the degree of Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery. As

he was not of age when he finished he did not receive his diploma until he attained his majority, when he was unanimously appointed Resident Physician of the Hamilton City Hospital. He held this position from 1867 to 1876, when he re-moved to Toronto. In i 868 he was gazetted Assistant Surgeon of the 13th Battalion, Hamilton, and in 1870 was elected secretary and treasurer of the Hamilton Medical and Surgical Society, the duties of which office he performed for years. His recognised medical skill and experience in hospital management then led to his appointment as Medical Superintendent of the Toronto General Hospital. On leaving his native city, Dr. O'Reilly was the recipient of many flattering testimonials. During his connection with the Toronto Hospital many important additions have been made. He is now Clinical Examiner

in Surgery for both the Medical Council of Ontario and the University of Toronto, and is also Examiner in Surgery of Trinity. In 1890 he received the honorary ad caw/cm degree of M.D. from Trinity University in recognition of his services on behalf of practical medical education. In 1876 he was married to Sophia, youngest daughter of the late George Rolph, barrister, Dundas, and neice of Hon. John Rolph, M.D., Toronto. Dr. O'Reilly has three brothers—Dr. Gerald O'Reilly, of Fergus, Dr. F. B. O'Reilly, of Hamilton, and Mr. H. H. O'Reilly, agent of the Bank of Hamilton, Owen Sound.


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