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GEORGE KENNEDY, M.A., LL.D., barrister-at-law, Crown Lands Department, Toronto, Out., was born at Bvtown (now the city of Ottawa) on March 1st, 1838. He was educated at Carleton County Model School, Aylmer Academy, Ottawa Grammar School, and University College, Toronto. He matriculated in Toronto University in 1853, took first classical scholarship, and held first-class honors in classics, mathematics, metaphysics and ethics, logic, rhetoric, modern languages, history and English literature. He was also gold medalist in metaphysics and ethics. He gradu

ated B.A. in 1857, M.A. in 186o, LL.B. in 1864, and LL.D. in 1877. He became head master of Grenville County Grammar School in 1859, and second master of Ottawa Grammar School in 1860 and 1861, where he also had at the same time charge of the branch Meteorological Observatory. Mr. Kennedy then studied law in the office of Messrs. Crooks, Kingsmill & Cattanach, Toronto, and entered at Osgoode Hall in 1862, and was called to the Bar

1865. After practicing in Ottawa from 1865 until 1872, he accepted the position of law clerk to the Crown Lands Department of Ontario. He has been connected with Toronto University College Literary Society (of which he was one of the original members), and the Ottawa Literary and Scientific Society, of which he is a life member. He has been vice-president of the Canadian Institute,

and is editor of " The Transactions." He has also been secretary of the Toronto St. Andrew's Society from the year 1885 to the present time, and has written a history of its first fifty years, from 1836-86. On June 6th, 1883, he was married to Sarah, daughter of the late Henry Jackson. He was brought up in the Presbyterian faith, and attends the Bloor Street Presbyterian Church, Toronto, but is a Unitarian in belief. Men of Mr. Kennedy's attainments are bright examples of the success possible to be secured by persevering effort, long before the prime of life is reached.


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