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-W, ILLIAM FOSTER COCKSHUTT, Brantford, Ontario,
was born October 17th, 1855, at Brant-
ford. He was educated at private
schools, the Brantford Collegiate Insti-
tute, and at Galt Collegiate Institute.
He left school at the age of sixteen
and commenced business with his father,
I. Cockshutt. After four years he
went to England to complete his busi-
ness education,—first to West Hartle-
pool with Messrs. Thos. Furness & Co.,
provision merchants and steamship
owners, and then to London ; and
through Messrs. Peek Bros. & Co.,
wholesale tea and spice merchants, he

received instructions in that

branch of trade. After re-

maining in London a few

months he came back to

Canada and took the man-

agement of a branch of his

father's business until 1882,

when he commenced busi-

ness for himself. He has

now an extensive business

in groceries and provisions,

and also in hardware. For

many years Mr. Cockshutt

was a member of the Far-

ringdon Church, and an ac-

ceptable preacher among

them, but latterly he has

been an adherent of Grace

Episcopalian Church, Brant-

ford. He has taken great

interest in the Farringdon

Debating Society, being one

of the charter members of

the re-organized society, and

for two years its president.

In 1887 he was the Conser-

vative candidate to contest

the riding of South Brant

with Win. Patterson, 1\ 1 P.,

but after an able campaign

was defeated. He was pre-

sident of the Brantford Board of Trade in 1888. For about three years he was president of the Cockshutt Plow Co., from which he retired in 1889. He is a member of the Toronto Board of Trade, and is well and favorably known to the business community of that city and also of Montreal. Mr. Cockshutt visits Europe once a year, and enjoys the full confidence of many of the great mercantile houses in the United Kingdom. He has been a great traveller, having crossed the Atlantic twenty-four times, the continent four times, and made a complete tour of Cuba, Mexico. United States and Canada.


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