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PETER H. COX, retired captain and mayor of Paris; " Claremont " Paris, Out., was born on the 1 ith of November, 1852, at Chatham, Kent County, England, his parents, however, resided in Dorset-shire, where he calls home. Captain Cox was educated at King's College, Sherbourne, Dorsetshire, England, and afterwards came to this country in the spring of 1869, where he worked for a time as a farm pupil, and afterwards settled on a farm two miles south of Paris. In the year i88o he retired from active agricultural pursuits and settled in the town where he has re-

sided ever since. During recent years he has not engaged in any business, but has devoted considerable time to the interests of the town, filling numerous offices of importance. He was married on the 17th of November, 1875, to Annie Salina, youngest daughter of Captain James B. Harris, late of Her Majesty's 24th Regiment. Coming from a military race, his father being Colonel of Her Majesty's 56th Foot, Captain Cox having passed his military examinations, j oined the volunteer forces of Canada in 1871. He commanded the Paris Company for eight years, and retired with rank in

1882. In politics Captain Cox is a Liberal-Conservative, and is president of the Conservative Association for the South Riding of Brant. He is also secretary of the Paris Board of Trade, and of the Masonic fraternity, offices which he has held for some years, and he is a Past Master of the latter. He has been connected with various local athletic associations. Capt. Cox is a member of the Anglican Church, warden of St. James Church, Paris, and delegate to the Synod of Huron. In the Dominion general elections of 1891 he received the unanimous nomination of the Conservative Convention to contest the Riding of South Brant with Wm. Patterson, M.P., but was defeated after a gallant fight. He has rendered such service to the town of Paris that he is held in the highest esteem by the residents of this important and picturesque town.


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