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of Colborne Street Methodist Church,

London, Out., was born at Cobourg, September 18th, 18J7, and was married October 15th, 1884, to Alice, daughter of the late Oscar Munroe, of the township of London. He was the youngest of eleven children, his father and mother coming from England in 1854. He re-moved with his parents from Cobourg to Hamilton in 1868, and after attending the public schools in these places, entered the Wesleyan Theological College and McGill University, Montreal. For a time after leaving the public school he was in mercantile life. At the age of 19 he was commended by the Quarterly Board of the Centenary Church, Hamilton, for the ministry, and in June, 1877, was appointed to the Stoney Creek circuit. He was ordained in 1882 at Woodstock, and appointed assistant to Dr. Williams, the President of the Conference. Thence he served Strathroy one year, London West three years, Forest one year, and Colborne

Street, London, three years. At the

London Conference of 1890 Mr. Lanceley-

was journal secretary.

~ GEORGE L. BALL, Dentist, Toronto, Out.,

was born on the 19th of August, 1858, in Uxbridge, Out. He was married on the 17th of February, 1885, to the only daughter of the late Charles Sherriff, Esq., Brussels. His father is Henry Ball, Esq., Brussels. Dr. Ball received his education at the Georgetown Academy, with a view to entering the ministry ; but after being received as a candidate, was obliged, on account of ill-health, to change his intentions. In 1879 he entered the office of Dr. Watson to study dentistry, and after the regular examinations of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons, Toronto, graduated in 1884, being one of four to carry off honors presented by the faculty. After practicing with eminent success four years in Seaforth, he removed to Toronto, where he is building up a large and select practice. Dr. Ball is a member of the Methodist Church, and takes an active part in Sabbath School and other church work. He is at the present time a local preacher, trustee and Bible class teacher. A man of sterling character ; he has won the confidence and enjoys the respect of a large number of friends. Such men leave their impress on the world.

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