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George Gordon Mills

G EORGE GORDON MILLS, B.A., barrister, Toronto, was born on 3oth of August, 185o, and was married in Lug-land in 1882 to Kitty, daughter of T. O. Jones, Esq., of South Australia. Mr. Mills is of Irish parentage. His father, who died in 1876, was a man of great integrity and force of character. His mother (still living) is noted for gentleness and piety. He lived with the family on a farm near Bond Head until twenty years of age. He then entered Brantford Collegiate Institute under the principalship of his brother James, now of the Guelph Agricultural College. Here he took several first prizes, and in 1874 matriculated in Victoria with highest honors and two first scholarships, He taught in Brantford Institute 1875-1876, then returned to college and graduated B. A. in 1878. Mr. Mills then studied law, was called to the Toronto Bar and removed to Winnipeg, where he soon gained distinction as an equity practitioner. In 1887 he was appointed Deputy Attorney-General for Manitoba, and returning to Toronto in 1889, entered into partnership


with his brother. In religion Mr. Mills is a Methodist and actively engaged in church work.

ALEXANDER MILLS, brother of G. G. Mills, was born on and of January, 1856, and was married in 1888 to Minnie, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Shaw. His early years were also spent on the farm until he went to Brant-ford in 1876 and studied tinder his brother James, taking the general proficiency scholar-ship. He studied law with Mr. Fitch, of Brantford, in 1878-1882, and finished under W. A. Foster, Q.C., in Toronto, having taken two first scholarships. In 1884 he was medal-list and called to the Bar with honors. Mr. Mills began practice alone in Toronto, and afterwards entered the firm of Mills, Heighington & Urquhart, and finally, in 1889, associated with his brother George, under the style of Mills & Mills, and the firm have already established a large practice. Mr. Mills, like his brother, is engaged in mission work, and holds important offices in connection with the Metropolitan Church, Toronto.



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