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   Willoughby STAPLES BREWS-   JAMES HARLEY was born on the 15th

   TER, barrister at law, was born on   of August, 185o, in the township of Bur-

   the 9th of Jul), 186o, in Haldimand, county   ford, county of Brant, and was married on

of Northumberland, and was married on the

16th of August, 1887, to Mary L. Horning, daughter of James Horning, librarian, Brant-ford Public Library. He was educated at Cobourg Collegiate Institute, and finished his art course at Victoria College, where he took his degree in 1882. He took several honors, such as gold medals in classics and Prince of \Vales' silver medal. In his early years he was brought up on a farm and during his attendance at college worked on the farm during vacation. Subsequently he studied law in the office of Fitch & Lees, Brantford, and on the completion of his law course, entered into partnership with B. F. Fitch, where he remained until the latter's death. Since then he has practiced alone. Mr. Brewster is a member of the Brant Avenue Methodist Church ; also of the quarterly board. He is at present a member of the public school board in the city of Brantford.

the 2nd of November, 1881, to Miss Annie C. Manson, of Port Hope, Out. He received his education at the Brantford Collegiate Institute. In his early days he worked on his father's farm, in the township of Burford, until his preparation for professional life in January, 1874. He was called to the bar in February, 1881, and has since built up an extensive and lucrative practice in connection with the firm of Harley & Sweet. Mr. Harley is a member of the Colborne Street Methodist Church and recording steward. He was alderman for the city from 1887 to 1889 ; a governor of the John H. Stratford Hospital for 1888 and 1889, and is at present a member of the Brantford Collegiate Institute board. Mr. Harley is held in the greatest respect by all who know him in professional life, as a man of the strictest integrity, a wise counsellor, and an able advocate. He is one of the few men who possess the confidence of all parties.


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