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M.P., LL.B,, barrister, Toronto,
was born in that city March
9th, 1854. He was educated at the
public schools, and studied privately
for matriculation into the Law Society.
Afterwards he attended Osgoode Hall,
and graduated in law in Toronto
University in 1886. His father, now
City Commissioner of Toronto, was a
builder, which trade his son also followed
until 1873, when, on his father accept-
ing his present office, he, his brother
and cousin continued the business until
1875, when the firm dissolved. Mr.
Coatsworth began the study of law in

1875 with Mr. (now Justice) Rose, and completed his course in 1879, when he entered the firm of Rose, Macdonald, Merritt & Coatsworth. This firm con-tinned until 1883, when Mr. Rose was made Judge. Mr. Coatsworth then practiced alone, and afterwards entered into partnership with Frank E. Hodgins. Subsequently Walter A. Geddes was added, and it is now known as Coats-worth, Hodgins &. Co. The firm has now a high standing. Mr. Coatsworth was married September 19th, 1883, to Helen, daughter of John Robertson, of De Cew Falls. He was elected M.P. for East Toronto in 1891.


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