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Chief Justice of Ontario, was

horn on September 1 jth, 1816, in Dublin, Ireland. His father was examiner of Her Majesty's Court of Prerogative for Ireland. After the careful training of a private school, he entered Trinity College, where he completed his education. He came to Toronto in 1834, entered the law office of the late George Duggan in 1835, and was called to the Bar in 1840. He at once began practice in Toronto, and in 1846 entered into partnership with the late John Crawford. His first appearances at the Bar gave promise of

a brilliant future, and he

soon acquired a large and lucrative practice. In 185o he was made O.C. by the Baldwin administration. in 1856, a vacancy occurring on the Bench, he was offered the appointment, which he accepted. He was not less distinguished among his brother judges than he had been at the Bar, so that when, iii 1868, a vacancy occurred in the Chief Justiceship of Common Pleas, he was elevated to that office. In his judgments Chief Justice Hagarty shows a wide knowledge of law, a thorough grasp of principles, and a fearlessness in the discharge of duty. They are all marked by careful thought and elaborate research. In addition to his high judicial abilities, his. Imme is not unfamiliar to the lovers of br'llcs Ie//rrs in connection with his poetical contributions from time to time. Indeed, it has been said,

that in Chief Justice Hagartv " a good poet was sacrificed to the lawyer and the judge." With general literature he is also thoroughly familiar, and there is a thrill of literary fervor in his conversation when he meets with congenial' spirits. Among the many eminent men who have given grace and dignity to the Bench in Canada, Chief Justice Hagartv occupies the very front rank. Apart from his eminent judicial abilities, he is held in the highest esteem by all classes in the Dominion, and in his position as Chief Justice he commands the confidence of the Bench and the Bar.


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