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SIR DANIEL WILSON, LL.D., F.R.S.E., president of University College, Toronto, was born in the ancient metropolis of Scotland in 1816. After passing through the High School, he entered the university of his native city. At the age of twenty-one he betook himself to Lon-don to push his fortunes there. After a residence of several years, during which he relied for support chiefly on the rewards of literary work, he again turned his face northward and continued to wield the pen in Edinburgh. Sir Daniel was also then, and still is, distinguished by an ardent love for archeological studies ; and naturally gravitated towards the society of antiquaries. Before his departure from Scotland three works proceeded from his pen--" Memorials of Edinburgh in the Olden Time," " Oliver Cromwell and the Protectorate," and " The

Archeology and Prehistoric Annals of Scotland." This volume received the warmest praise from reviewers, both in Britain and America. In 1853 he was invited to accept the chair of History and English Literature in University College, Toronto. In 1862 his new work appeared—"Prehistoric Prehistoric Man ; Researches into the Origin of Civilization in the Old and New World ;" " Chatterton,,- A Biographical Study," was published in 1869 ; " Calitan, the Missing Link," appeared in 1873, and during the same year he republished a collection of poems entitled " Spring Flowers." In 1878 Sir Daniel issued

his most recent work, " Reminiscences of Old Edinburgh." In addition to these works, he has contributed a number of articles, both to the eighth and ninth editions of the " Encyclopedia Britannica." Sir Daniel is connected with various public institutions in Toronto, such as the Boys' Home, the Newsboys' Home, and in the Young Men's Christian Association he has taken an active part, and was for some years its president. He is an earnest member of the Church of England and an ardent adherent of the Evangelical party, but his sympathies are too broad to be contained in any one church.


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