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Archbishop of Toronto, was

born in the parish of Moon-coin, Kilkenny County, Ireland, May 23rd, 1830, and is descended from a very old and influential stock. He received his education at St. John's College, Waterford, and the Seminary of the Sulpicians, Montreal. He was ordained in 1854, when he was appointed to the Brock Mission, Lake Simcoe. In 1857 he was appointed to St. Mary's, Toronto, and soon after the consecration of Bishop Lynch in 1859, he was summoned to aid hint as rector of St. Michael's Cathedral, which position he

filled for about two years.

After this he resumed his ad-ministration of St. Mary's as Parish Priest and Vicar-General of the diocese. Shortly after this, owing to the impaired health of the Bishop of Sandwich. it was found necessary to appoint a successor, accordingly the hierarchy of the ecclesiastical Province of Quebec unanimously nominated Vicar-General Walsh as bishop, which was ratified by the Holy See. The consecration of His Lordship took place November loth,

1867, in St. Michael's Cathedral, Toronto, with great pomp and ceremony. In this exalted office he displayed administrative talent of the highest order. In 1863 he was removed from Sandwich to London and created Bishop of London in 1869. The new cathedral of that diocese may be termed the great work of his episcopate. His Lord-ship had long set his heart

upon raising in God's honor a temple worthy the solemn and sublime rites of the Church of Christ, and the wish of his heart was realized fully, when, in June, 1885, the cathedral was solemnly dedicated. The cost of this splendid structure being somewhat over $140,-000. In 1882 he visited Ireland, and, on his return to'London, was tendered a reception, accompanied with a purse of $1,000, as a testimony of esteem. After the death of Archbishop Lynch, Bishop Walsh was made Archbishop of Toronto, which elevated office he still holds. He is held in high esteem by all classes, irrespective of creed,


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