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B.C.L., A.C., P.C., M.P., and
leader of the Liberal party

of the Dominion, was born November
24th, 1841, at St. Lin, L'Assomption,
Quebec. He comes of an old and dis-
tinguished family. After finishing his
literary studies at the College L'As-
somption, he entered the law office of
the Hon. R. Laflamme. He was called
to the Bar of Lower Canada in 1865,
having taken in the previous year the
degree of B.C.L. at McGill University.
In 188o he was appointed O.C. From
an early age Mr. Laurier took a deep
interest in public questions, and also

gave his attention to literature and

journalism. He was an earnest advo-

cate of temperance, and delegate to the

Dominion Prohibitory Convention of

1875. In 1871 he began public life by

being elected to the Legislative Assem-

bly of the Province of Quebec. He

remained there until 18i4, when he en-

tered the House of Commons. At once

on taking his seat his brilliant abilities

and high character were acknowledged.

When Mr. Mackenzie was called upon

to form an administration, the portfolio

of Inland Revenue was assigned him.

Since that time Mr. Laurier has been

one of the most prominent and highly respected members of the House. An unflinching supporter of the Opposition, under the Hon. Edward Blake as leader, whom he was unanimously called upon to succeed. Since that time his exceptional ability, gentlemanly con-duct, and comprehensive grasp of public affairs, has secured for him, not only the admiration of the Liberal party, but the respect of the government now in power. As a speaker he appears as one who re-cognizes responsibility attaching to every word he utters. He speaks with a very pure French accent, and is a most effective debater. During the political campaign of 1891 his labors were most abundant and successful, especially in his own province, where he changed the Government majority into a minority. Mr. Laurier was married to Miss Lafontaine May 13th, 1868.


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