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Canadian surveying party, and formed a "council" to insist upon their rights, the feeling in the colony was at first one of sympathy for them. Of this " council" John Bruce, described as a French half-breed of Scotch descent, was president, but the leader of the movement was the secretary, Louis Riel. It was he who drew up the notice served upon William Macdougall at Pembina.

Half-breed Outbreak. —This notice Macdougall disregarded and advanced to the Hudson's Bay Company's post within the territory. A band of mounted half-breeds appeared and made such a threatening demonstration that Macdougall thought it


prudent to retire again to Pembina. The French half-breeds had gathered in some force at the River Salle on the road from Pembina to Fort Garry ; and on this same day (November 211d) a party under Riel took possession, without resistance, of Fort Garry—a strong stone fort which the Hudson's Bay Company could easily have held against any force the half-breeds could muster. The "council" now issued a proclamation calling upon the settlers to send representatives to a convention, in order that the demands of the colony might he properly formulated. This convention met on the 16th of November, and was composed of representatives from the English as well as from the French


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