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by the Americans would tend to drive them from the traffic, the local agent of the company zealously assisted Captain Roberts in his enterprise. One of their vessels conveyed the attacking force. It consisted of the company's own voyageurs and a number of Indians, led by Captain Roberts and his small detachment. The

American commandant, not having received notice of the declaration of war, was taken entirely by surprise, and surrendered with-out resistance (July 17, 1812). The post remained in the hands of the British until the close of the war, in spite of a vigorous effort in 1814 for its recapture.

Detroit Captured.—To return now to the Detroit River. Brock had been detained at York by the session of the assembly, called to concert measures for defence. At once upon prorogation he crossed with the York militia to Fort George—his military headquarters—at the mouth of the Niagara, and, with such of


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