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on the Detroit frontier formed the small garrison at Fort Malden (Amherstburg), and Colonel Proctor was at once despatched thither by Brock with reinforcements. The approaches to Fort Malden by land were carefully guarded, and on several successive days detachments from Hull's invading army were repulsed at the little River Canard. The British naval force on the Detroit proved superior to that of the United States, and Proctor was therefore

able to send detachments across the river, to the south of Detroit. With the assistance of the Indians he thus cut off that fort from its sources of supply.

The British Take Michillimackinac.—Meanwhile, acting under orders received from Brock, Captain Roberts with a small detachment of regulars from the block-house on St. Joseph's Island, one of the Manitoulin group at the head of Lake Huron, had per-formed a noble exploit the capture, without bloodshed, of the important post of Michillimackinac. It was the western centre of the fur trade. In this trade the North-West Company of Canada were largely interested, and, as the retention of Michillimackinac


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