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Port Royal Captured by Phips.—Massachusetts was aroused by the attack upon the New England settlements, and Sir William Phips was sent on an expedition against Acadia. The Acadian governor, Meneval, had no sufficient garrison at Port Royal to withstand an attack, and reluctantly capitulated, In breach of the terms of surrender the settlement was given over to plunder. St. Castin's post of Penobscot and the fishing stations at La Heve and Chedabucto were also captured. After exacting from the settlers an oath of allegiance, Phips returned triumphant with the captured governor and many other prisoners.


Phips Fails to Take Quebec, 1690.-He found on his return to Boston a still larger project on foot. New France was to be taken by a combined attack by land and sea—by land, on Montreal; by sea, on Quebec. The attack by land ended in a petty raid on Laprairie, opposite Montreal. The attack on Quebec was a more formidable matter. Phips with a force of about two thousand sailed up the St. Lawrence in October. Frontenac had strengthened the already strong natural defences of the capital, and when Phips arrived before it he found the staunch old governor in a well-fortified town at the head of a strong force of regulars and Canadian militia. A land attack from across the St. Charles was poorly supported by the fleet, and the assailants,


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