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Nova been crossed.

Monopoly was established, The price of the title was a liberal subscriptiont a to r ds Settlement.—From the   this time Cham-

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flee,'s a on tt en itstion way was devoted Tadoued chiefly to landed the colony r at Qu of Sebec. Of

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and met   the as   fort on Cape Breton was built by the

favorite as part of for the   Alexaners enterprise But
trading company wa immediately s soon formed, captand the to Fr it a nch n ew and m onopoly was


_given. the Peace of St. that mnen-Laye (1632) New Franc, to

inclu coding Aadwas restored to company's employees Engli a we received in return the promise that some life of bustle; dof his ifes dowry should be no longer withheld

on h   Days of hamplainChampains was ifor only

nearly dn   the   indeed to Quebec oxen as in That

   C heh amplain himself Hundred Associelf was hone s a tly- eager   ofor threehe colon iza (16tion

34) and New Fran t is for further the   exporation. he healt

hoevr, failed and who   at Quebec   four his successor

could be named the   fate closed his eyes in Louis was istmas

ac   635 while he the   governor rocky New on which is the Upper Town of Quebec.

ing the eastern end of Lake Ontario from where Kingston Oneidas, however, wee on their guard, and a shower of arrows

hitherto deemed invulnerable,

was by an arrow, and had to be carried from the field, and in dismay his savage allies fell back. Unused to the slow process of a siege, they soon gave up the attack and retreated to their own been recrossed.


Lawrence had ben fr3e to all confers, and in 1611 Champlain had met as many as thirteen rival trading vessels at Montreal, a favorite rendezvous for the Algoquins of the Ottawa. But a

o....d thathis monopoly was a sore hindrance

lonization, for none but the company's employees found a welcome at Quebec. During summer all was life and bustle; uring winter all was stagnation and ofttimes

nearly starvation

among the few settlers. Hebert, who came in 1617, was the only one who tilled the soil to any purpose, using oxen first in 1628. of New   ce is shown by the fact that in 1620 he brought

out his young wife, who lived at Quebec for four years. On the heights behind the little settlemmen Fort St. Louis was built, facing the river from the edge of the rocky plateau on which

h now lies the Uppebr Todwn of Quebec.

The Iroquois Retaliate. The Iroquois, who had now lost their terror of the French, soon began to be troublesome along the upper St. Lawrence, to which they had ready access by way of Lake Champlain and the Richelieu. At times they entirely blocked the way to and from the upper Ottawa, leaving the mission among the Hurons in dire straits for lack of the usual supplies from Quebec. The Recollet fathers had built the mission

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