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Dec. 14.-Russian armies south of Cracow threatened by Austrian advance across Carpathians. Serbs recapture Belgrade.

Dec. 15.-Austrians force Russians back on the San river. Senussi tribesmen threaten Egypt.

Dec. 16.-Germans evacuate Dixmude; press forward in Argonne region, and are repulsed in Alsace. King Peter's entry into Belgrade; Serbia free of invaders. Scarborough. Hartlepool, and Whitby bombarded by German cruisers.

Dec. 17.-Westende entered by Allied forces. Russian offensive against Poland and Silesia breaks down. German attack on the Vistula near Warsaw. Von der Goltz appointed commandant at Constantinople. British protectorate proclaimed in Egypt

Dec. 18.-Roulers taken by Allied forces. German

troops within eighteen miles of Warsaw.

Dec. 19.-German positions between Nieuport and

Middelkerke shelled by British warships.

Dec. N0.-Russians pressed back from the Vistula to the


Dec. 21.-Allied attacks repelled near Chalons and La Bassee. French win between the Lys and the Aisne.

Dec. 23.-Mlawa retaken by Germans and new advance made. Austrian reverses in Southern Galicia and the Carpathians. Germans force Portuguese retirment in Angola.

Dec. 24.-First German air raid on England (at Dover).

Dec. 25.-Unofficial "truce of God" on western front. Western Carpathians passes again in Russian hands. British naval raid on Cuxhaven; German aeroplane raid on Sheerness, on the Thames.

Dec. 28.-Austrian retreat in Western Galicia. United States Government protests against interference by British warships with American commerce.

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