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Dec. 1.-Austrian victory in Poland. Russian success on the Vistula. De Wet taken prisoner. German battleship and cruiser sunk in Baltic.

Dec. 2.-Plock occupied by Russians. Austrians capture Belgrade after a siege of 126 days.

Dec. 3.-Germans begin offensive on the Vistula. Serbs defeat Austrians in three-days' battle. Russian bombardment of Cracow.

Dec. 4.-Germans attempt to cross Yser on rafts.

Russian victory at Lodz, Northern Poland. Dec. 6.-German victory followed by occupation of


Dec. 7.- Heavy fighting in the Argonne region. Second battle of Warsaw begins. Defeat and death of General Beyers.

Dec. 8.-German headquarters on Western Front moved from Roulers. Great Austrian defeat in five-days' battle. British victory won by Sturdee over von Spee's squadron at the Falkland Islands; cruisers Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Leipzig, and Nurnberg sunk.

Dec. 9.-French Government returns to Paris. Kurna (Persian Gulf) occupied by British troops. Solomon Group seized by British forces.

Dec. 10.-Evacuation of Roulers and Armentieres by Germans. Goeben bombards Batoum. End of Boer rebellion. Submarine raid on Dover. Japan to divide control of German South Sea possessions with Australia.

Dec. 12.-Austrians force the Dukla Pass.

Dec. 13.-Germans repulsed in three-days' battle on the Lys. Russian evacuation of Lodz. German repulse at Mlawa. Montenegrins attack Austrian forces in Bosnia. British submarine, after diving beneath five rows of mines, sinks Turkish battleship Messoudieh in the Dardanelles.

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