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Nov. 16.—Advance of Russians in East Prussia checked.

Nov. 17.—End of the first Battle of Ypres. Bombardment of Libau by German squadrons. Austrians capture 8,000 Serbs at Kolubara river. British War Loan of £350,000,000.

Nov. 18.—Russia forced to retire between the Vistula and the Warthe. Russian Black Sea Fleet in action with Goeben and Breslau.

Nov. 19.—Von Hindenburg checked on Vistula-Warthe line.

Nov. 21.-French advance in the Argonne region. British air raid on Friedrichshafen. Basra, Persian Gulf, occupied by British.

Nov. 22.—Germans within forty miles of Warsaw. Austrian victory over Serbs on the Kolubara river. Turks successful near Port Said; reach Suez Canal.

Nov. 23.-Sanguinary fighting in the Argonne. British defeat Turks near Persian Gulf; sustain reverse in German East Africa. Portuguese Government authorized to intervene in war as Great Britain's ally.

Nov. 24.—Strong German attacks from Ypres to La Bassee. Russians win victory in Poland; defeat Turks in Armenia.

Nov. 25.-Austrians routed by Serbs near Kolubara river. Nov. 26.—H.M.S. Bulwark blown up in the Medway, off Sheerness.

Nov. 27.—Austrians admit evacuation of Czernovitz; defeated by Montenegrins near Vishegrad. Maritz defeated in South Africa. German submarine raid in English Channel.

Nov. 28.—Russian forces near Lodz attempt to encircle Germans in that neighbourhood. Retreat of Germans in Poland; Russians in Czernovitz.

Nov. 30.—Germans break through Russian trap at Lodz and capture 12,000 prisoners. Russian victories in Galicia and the Carpathians.

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