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Nov. 5.-Germans repulsed at Arras; win in the Vosges and in the Argonne. Russians capture Jaroslav and defeat Austrians on Galician front; invade Armenia. Britain declares war against Turkey and proclaims annexation of Cyprus.

Nov. 6.-Austro-German retreat in Galicia and East Prussia. Armenians besiege Van; Batoum bombarded by Turks. Storming of Tsing-Tau central fort. France and Belgium declare war against Turkey.

Nov. 7.-Fall of Tsing-Tau.

Nov. 8.-Flight of German population on borders of Posen and Silesia. Przemysl again attacked by Russians.

Nov. 9.-German attacks at Dixmude and Ypres resumed. Emden destroyed at Cocos Island by H.M.S. Australian ship Sydney.

Nov. 10.-German right driven towards the Masurian Lakes. Cossacks enter Posen. German cruiser Konigsberg blockaded and disabled by H.M.S. Chatham in the Rufiji river, German East Africa. Austrian invasion of Serbia begins.

Nov. 11.-Germans capture Dixmude, cross Yser Canal, and drive Allied troops from St. Eloi. Botha defeats De Wet. H.M.S. Niger sunk by German submarine near mouth of Thames.

Nov. 12.-G rmans pierce British lines at Ypres. Siege of Przemysl resumed.

Nov. 13.-Austrian evacuation of Central Galicia. German advance and victory in Poland. Russians advance in Galicia and East Prussia.

Nov. 14.-German victory in the Argonne. Capture of Berry au Bac. Russian advance in East Prussia. Death of Lord Roberts at St. Omer, France.

Nov. 15.-Germans driven across the Yser. British repulse attacks on Ypres. Germans prepare defensive lines between North Sea and the Rhine.

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