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Oct. V.—Spread of Boer rebellion; De Wet and Beyers join the movement. British super-dreadnought Audacious strikes mine in Irish Sea and is sunk—crew saved.

Oct. p8.—South African rebels routed by Botha. German invasion of Angola. Emden enters Penang harbour and sinks Russian cruiser and Japanese gun-boat.

Oct. 29.—Bombardment of Odessa by the Turks. Resignation of Prince Louis of Battenburg as British First Sea Lord.

Oct. 30.—Russian reoccupation of Czernovitz. Austrian reverse near Tarnow. Baron Fisher appointed British First Sea Lord. Russia declares war against Turkey.

Oct. 31.—Austrian success in Bukowina. British cruiser Hermes torpedoed in Straits of Dover.

Nov. 1.-Russians advance beyond the Vistula. Montenegrins bombard Cattaro and make advances in Herzegovina. Japanese bombardment of Tsing-Tau. German naval victory under von Spee off Chilean coast; H.M.S. Monmouth and Good Hope sunk.

Nov. 2.-Germans capture Messines and Allies Ramscapelle. Engagement between Russians and Turks near Trebizond. British reverse in East Africa. German naval demonstration off Yarmouth; British submarine sunk. British Admiralty proclaims North Sea a military area. Bombardment of Dardanelles forts.

Nov. 3.—Floods threaten Germans in the Yser region. Russian advance in Galicia and East Russia. Turks claim successes in Armenia; threaten Suez Canal.

Nov. 4.—Germans sustain reverses along the Yser, but repel attacks in the Vosges and south of Verdun. Russian invasion of Armenia begins. German warships off English coast.

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