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reaches Plymouth. Trial of Serbs for the Sarajevo murder begun.

Oct. 15.-Germans occupy Thielt, Damme, and Esschen. Botha takes the field against South African rebels. H.M.S. Hawke sunk by German sub-marine in the North Sea.

Oct. 16.-Germans occupy Ostend. Austro-German offensive between Vistula river and Galicia; advance in Poland checked near Warsaw. Serbs and Montenegrins defeat Austrians at Glasinatz.

Oct. 17.-German advance on Dunkirk. Allies recapture Armentieres. Austrian successes in Galicia. German advance near Mlawa. Four German destroyers sunk off Dutch coast by H.M.S. Undaunted. Allied bombardment of Cattaro.

Oct. 18.-Battle of the Vistula ends in Russian victory. Serbs rout Austrians on the Save and the Drina.

Oct. 20.-Bruges reported recaptured by Allies. Sale of liquor in Russia prohibited. Japanese fleet captures Mariana and Marshall groups.

Oct. 21.-German advance through Northern Belgium to the French coast checked. Further sinkings by the Emden. First Battle of Ypres begins.

Oct. 292.-Lille reported to be in flames. Von Falkenhayn succeeds von Moltke as Chief of the German General Staff. German retreat from vicinity of Warsaw.

Oct. 23.-Victory claimed by Germans near Augustovo. Czernovitz reoccupied by Austrians. Japanese begin bombardment of Tsing-Tau.

Oct. 24.-Germans force passage of Yser Canal between Nieuport and Dixmude.

Oct. 26.-Anglo-French force enter Edea, German Cameroons. French liner Amiral Ganteaume, with 2,500 refugees on board, torpedoed in English Channel.

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