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Oct. 2.-Roye captured by the Germans. Admiralty announce laying down of defensive mine-field in North Sea.

Oct. 3.-Russian advance in Transylvania. Cruiser Karlsruhe reported as having sunk seven British ships.

Oct. 4.-British marines arrive in Antwerp. Seat of

Begian Government removed to Ostend.

Oct. 5.-Germans take up offensive in the Argonne

district and along the Meuse.

Oct. 6.-Germans force passage of the Nethe.

Oct. 7.-Germans close in on Antwerp. Orders for mobilization of Second Overseas Canadian Contingent. Battle of the Vistula begins.

Oct. 8.-Antwerp bombarded by German siege guns and Zeppelins. Montenegrin gain in Herzegovina.

Oct. 9.-Surrender of Antwerp. End of Battle of Augustovo, in which Germans were defeated. Beginning of second Russian attempt in East Prussia.

Oct. 10.-British marines interned in Holland. Air raid on Zeppelin sheds at Dusseldorf. Austrian success in Galicia.

Oct. 11.-German air raid on Paris. Bombardment of Arras begins.

Oct. 12.-German entry into Ghent. Siege of Przemysl abandoned by Russians; retirement from Galicia. Russian cruiser Pallada sunk in the Baltic.

Oct. 13.-Germans capture Lille, occupy Hazebrouck, Ypres, and Ghent, and levy £20,000,000 on Brussels. Belgian seat of government with-drawn to Havre. Boer rebellion under Maritz.

Oct. 14.-Belgian army leaves Ostend and joins Allies in the field. Allies occupy Ypres. Germans enter Bruges. Canadian Expeditionary Force

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