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Sept. 23.-Verdun bombarded. British raid on airship sheds at Dusseldorf£. Austrian retreat from Przemysl threatened. Serb victory over Austrians on the Drina. German cruiser and two torpedo boats sunk by Russian cruiser Bayan. Emden bombards Madras.

Sept. p24.—Siege warfare on the Aisne. Meuse chain of forts under bombardment. First British Indian troops land at Marseilles. German defeat at Lublin. Montenegrin success in Bosnia.

Sept. f5.-Germans drive back Allies at Noyon. Battle of Niemen crossings begins. Cracow occupied by Germans. Przemysl cut off. German New Guinea captured by Australians.

Sept. 26.—Fort des Romaines, St. Mihiel, captured by Germans. Meuse crossed near Verdun. Zeppelins raid Warsaw. Walfish Bay raided by the Germans.

Sept. 27.—Malines reoccupied by Germans. First bombs dropped on Paris by German aeroplanes. Przemysl town and fortress occupied by the Russians.

Sept. 28.-Belgians recapture Alost. German attack on defences of Antwerp. German retreat from the Niemen. Hungary invaded by Russians. German Congo seized by French and British forces.

Sept. f9.—Outer forts at Antwerp bombarded. Semlin recaptured by Serbs. Further sinkings by Emden in Indian Ocean.

Sept. 30.—St. Mihiel recaptured by the Allies. Germans fail to cross the River Niemen. Cruiser Cumberland captures Hamburg-America liner Arnfried.

Oct. 1.-Southern forts of Antwerp fall. Indian Expeditionary Force lands in France. Battle of Augustovo begins.

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