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Hela sunk in North Sea. German invasion of British East Africa. Kiao-Chau Station seized by Japs.

Sept. 14.—German stand on the Aisne. German defeat near Mlawa (Poland). German cruiser Cap Trafalgar sunk by British cruiser Carmania off Brazil.

Sept. 15.—French reoccupy Rheims. Austrians hemmed in between the Rivers San and Vistula. Hungary invaded by Serbs. German defeat in Namaqualand.

Sept. 16.—Battle line extends from Noyon to Verdun. Russians driven from East Prussia. Przemysl first attacked by Russians. Austrians defeated by Montenegrins near Koulilovo.

Sept. 17.—Ambassador Gerard has peace talk with the German Chancellor.

Sept. 18.—German bombardment of Termonde completed. Russians threatened by German advance in Suwalki Province.

Sept. 19.—Shelling of Rheims by the Germans; they capture Beaumont. Luderitzbucht, German South-West Africa, occupied by South African troops.

Sept. 20.—Indecisive battle of the Aisne continued. Rheims Cathedral bombarded. Russian attacks on Jaroslav and Przemysl. Austrians defeated by Serbs near Novi-Bazar. Six British vessels sunk by Emden. Konigsberg's dash into Zanzibar harbour.

Sept. 21.—Capture of Jaroslav and Dubiecko by Russians. Semlin evacuated by Serbs. Clan Matheson sunk by Emden.

Sept. U.—German invasion of France from Lorraine frontier. Austrians defeated on the Drina. H.M.S. Cressy, Aboukir, and Hogue sunk by German submarine U9 in the North Sea.

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