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Sept. 3.—German occupation of Lille. Germans at Senlis, twenty-five miles from Paris. British reach the Marne. Austrian success at Lublin. Russians occupy Lemberg.

Sept. 4.—Germans occupy Rheims. France, Russia, and Great Britain agree not to conclude a separate peace.

Sept. 5.—Germans capture Maubeuge forts and Ter-monde; abandon attack on Belfort. Light cruiser Pathfinder sunk by submarine in the North Sea.

Sept. 6.—Beginning of the Battle of the Marne.

Sept. 7.—Germans reach farthest point of advance on march to Paris; capture Maubeuge. Russians close in on Przemysl. German cruiser Nurnberg cuts cable between Fanning Island and British Columbia.

Sept. 8.—German right forced by British over the Marne. French victory on the Ourcq. Sur-render of Ghent. Serbian invasion of Bosnia and victory near Racha.

Sept. 9.—British cross the Marne. German evacuation of Upper Alsace. Austrians evacuate Russian Poland.

Sept. 10.—End of the battle of the Marne. Belgian reoccupation of Termonde. Russians menace Breslau. Serbian crossing of the Save. German cruiser Emden in Bay of Bengal.

Sept. 11.—French recapture Miilhausen; re-enter Chalons. Austrians assume offensive near Lemberg. Capture of Semlin by the Serbs. Montenegrins march on Sarajevo.

Sept. H.—Battle of the Aisne commences. Luneville retaken by the French. Austrian defeat near Tomaszov. Bismarck Archipelago seized by Australian navy.

Sept. 13.—German evacuation of Amiens. Russian victory near Lemberg. German light cruiser

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