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Aug. 24.—Germans occupy Namur. Zeppelins bomb Antwerp. Serbian campaign abandoned by Austria. Austria declares war on Japan. Japanese fleet begins bombardment of Tsing-Tau.

Aug. 2.5.—French withdrawal from Alsace. Battle of Lemberg begins. Serbia clear of invaders.

Aug. N6.-Germans sack and burn Louvain. Fall of last Namur forts. British reverse at Maubeuge; retirement between St. Quentin and Cambrai. Surrender of German Togoland to Allies.

Aug. 27.-Allied retirement to the Somme. Food prices fixed by German Government. Russians capture Tilsit. Blockade of Tsing-Tau. Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse sunk off West Coast of Africa by H.M.S. Highlyer.

Aug. N8.-German advance reaches St. Quentin. Capitulation of Longwy. Austria declares war against Belgium. British naval victory in Bight of Heligoland. Japanese troops landed near Tsing-Tau.

Aug. 29.-La Fere captured by the Germans; march on Amiens. Princess Patricia Regiment sails from Montreal. Investment of Konigsberg and occupation of Allenstein by Russians. German Samoa occupied by New Zealanders.

Aug. 30.-German occupation of Amiens. German aviators bomb Paris. Austrian defeat at Lemberg.

Aug. 31.-Allies retire to line of Seine, Oise, and Upper Meuse. Russian defeat at Tannenberg. Name of St. Petersburg changed to Petrograd.

Sept. 1.-German attack on Belfort fails. Battle of Lemberg begins.

Sept. 2.-Allies take up Seine, Marne and Upper Meuse line. French capital moved to Bordeaux. Austrian defeat at Lemberg.

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