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Aug. 12.-Great Britain declares war on Austria. Battle of Haelen. Montenegro declares war on Germany.

Aug. 13.-Turkey purchases the Goeben and Breslau from Germany. Fight at Diest. German attack on Tirlemont.

Aug. 14.-Generals French and Joffre in conference.

Aug. 15.-Czar promises restoration of Poland. Fight at Tirlemont. Fall of last Liege forts. Japan sends ultimatum to Germany demanding withdrawal of Pacific fleet and surrender of Kiao-Chau.

Aug. 17.-Official announcement that British Expeditionary Force has landed in France. Germans capture Tirlemont. Belgian capital moved to Brussels.

Aug. 18.-Special War Session of Canadian Parliament opens. Luneville bombed by German mono-planes. German advance on Brussels begun.

Aug. 19.-French reverse in Lorraine. Russian success in East Prussia. Belgians defeated at Louvain. Germany rejects Japan's demands.

Aug. 2O.-Germans enter Brussels. Belgian army re-treats to Antwerp. Canadian War Credit of $50,000,000 passed.

Aug. 21.-German investment of Namur and capture of Ghent. Austrians defeated by Serbs in four-days' battle near Loshnitsa. First bombardment of Cattaro.

Aug. 22.-Allied reverse at Charleroi. Germans levy Brussels for £8,000,000. Austrians routed by Serbians on the Drina.

Aug. 23.-German attacks on Miilhausen repulsed. Belgians withdraw from Namur. British retreat on Cambrai. Russians advance into East Prussia. Japan declares war on Germany. War begun between Germany and Japan.

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