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make payment in bank-notes instead of gold or Dominion notes.

Aug. 4.-German invasion of Belgium. British ultimatum to Germany demanding that Belgian neutrality be respected. Germany declares war on Belgium. Great Britain declares war on Germany. Sir John Jellicoe appointed to command the Grand Fleet. War session of Canadian Parliament called. Mobilization of Canadian Expeditionary Force begins.

Aug. 5.—Germans attack Liege. Lord Kitchener be-comes British Minister of `Var. German minelayer Konigen Luise sunk in North Sea by H.M.S. Amphion. Canadian Government buys two submarines. Mr. Andrew Hamilton Gault offers to equip regiment (Princess Patricia's).

Aug. G.—Austria declares war on Russia. British fleet concentrates in North Sea. Italy decides on remaining neutral. Offer of Canadian troops accepted by Great Britain. H.M.S. Amphion sunk by mine in North Sea.

Aug. 7.-Embarkation of British Expeditionary Force begun. Germans enter Liege; French invade Alsace. Montenegro declares war on Austria.

Aug. 8.—Serbia declares war on Germany. Construction work begins on Valcartier Camp.

Aug. 9.-French evacuate Miilhausen. Goeben and Breslau escape to Dardanelles. Russians enter Austria; Austrians enter Russian Poland. Dar-es-Salaam, German East Africa, raided. H.M.S. Birmingham sinks German submarine U15 in the North Sea.

Aug. 10.-France declares war on Austria.

Aug. 11.-Germans advance towards Verdun and Longwy. French army suffers reverses in Alsace.

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