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Army, likewise gave a brief statement concerning Canadians in the British Navy.

"A score of Canadian officers and cadets are now with the British fleet. Eighteen more have missed the opportunity by a few hours. The Canadians now on active naval service include eleven officers and eight cadets. The cadets are all on H.M.S. Berwick. The officers are scattered in eight vessels, two of them in Canada's navy, the remaining six in the Imperial force. The eighteen who missed active service are midshipmen. They were about to leave Halifax to join the H.M.S. Essex, but the Essex suddenly sailed under sealed orders, and the midshipmen were retained on shore. Four of them are now at Quebec, four are at Halifax, four are in the department at Ottawa, three are at Esquimalt; and the three others are assigned to duty at various points. The officers on active service and the ships to which they are attached are:

"Engineer-Lieut. Hubert J. Napier, of England, on H.M.S. Colossis; Engineer-Lieut. George D. Clarke, of England, on H.M.S. Monarch; Engineer-Lieut. S. N. De Quelte-Rille, of Jersey, England, on H.M.S. Indefatigable; Engineer-Lieut. Frank H. Jefferson, of England, on H.M.S. Temeraire; Sub.-Lieut. Charles T. Beard, Ottawa, on H.M.S. Lancaster; Sub.-Lieut. P. W. Nelles, of St. Johns, P.Q., on H.M.S. Suffolk; Sub.-Lieut. Victor Brodeur, on H.M.S. Berwick; Naval Instructor David A. Robinson, Toronto, on H.M.S. Berwick; Surgeon Joseph A. Rosseau, Montreal, on H.M.S. Niobe; Surgeon G. A. L. Irwin, Sydney, Nova Scotia, on H.M.S. Rainbow; Ch. Bandmaster George W. Hopkins, of England, on H.M.S. Niobe.

"The following cadets are on H.M.S. Berwick:

"W. J. R. Beach, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia; T. S. Critchley, Halifax, Nova Scotia, grandson of Sir Sandford Fleming; J. C. I. Edwards, Londonderry, Nova Scotia; D. St. G. Lindsay, son of the Superintendent of Pilots, Capt. Lindsay, Quebec; H. E. Reid, Portage du

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