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Division Artillery

Commander, Lt.-Col. H. E. Burstall.

Officer Commanding 1st Artillery Brigade, Lt.-Col. E. W. B. Morrison.

Officer Commanding 2nd Artillery Brigade, Lt.-Col. J. J. Creelman.

Officer Commanding 3rd Artillery Brigade, Lt.-Col. J. H. Mitchell.


Commander Divisional Engineers, Lt.-Col. C. J. Armstrong.

Commander Divisional Mounted Troops, Lt.-Col. F. C. Jameson.

Commander Divisional Signal Company, Major F. A. Lister.

The commanders of the brigades and battalions did not long remain with the rank of lieutenant-colonel. In the first week of June, 1916, the commander of the 1st Infantry Brigade, now a major-general and in command of a Canadian division, died gallantly fighting in the opening hours of the Battle of Sanctuary Wood. In the third year of the war the officer who took the 2nd Infantry Brigade to France was a C.B., K.C.M.G., a lieutenant-general, and commander-in-chief of the Canadian army in France; while the officer who in February, 1915, acted in a similar capacity with the 3rd Infantry Brigade had likewise been awarded a C.B. and a K.C.M.G., and was, too, a lieutenant-general and commander of the Canadian Forces in the British Isles. The battalion commanders had with one or two exceptions been decorated and achieved the rank of Major-General. Three of the battalion commanders, Birchall, Hart-McHarg, and Boyle, men of great achievement and greater promise, had fallen in battle.

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