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specialty .fields of railway construction, repair, maintenance, operation and administration—its buyers and transportation men—its engineers and designers—its master mechanics, bridge builders and wrecking crews.

"To the Transport Service it has virtually handed over the largest and most efficiently organized railway unit in the world, plus a fleet of thirty-seven first-class ocean steamships of 329,960 tons in the aggregate, serving as auxiliary cruisers, transports, patrols, or special freighters, their officers and crews, to a man, voluntarily going with them.

"To the man-power of the army, up to the end of last year [1917] the company's services had contributed from 7,200 to 7,500 volunteers for the firing' line, of whom (up to December 1st, 1917) no fewer than 1,695 have been casualties, 541 having given the supreme proof of their worthy citizenship.

"To the financing of the campaign of free democracy against autocracy and rampant militarism, in loans and guarantees to the Allied Nations, it has given up-wards of $80,000,000, the largest individual contribution made by any private interest or industrial enterprise in the British Empire or any of the Allied countries.

"To the provisioning and munitioning of the armies of freedom it has given its great shops, expeditiously trans-formed into manufacturing plants, hydraulic hay-pressing bases, etc., while leading the way also in conservation both of man-power and of exportable food-stuffs.

"To the departments responsible for the scientific care of the fit'soldier and that of his sick or wounded invalided brother, in transit, it has given the benefit of specialized knowledge and instantly available constructive resources, in its commissary cars, its troop trains, and its hospital cars—built, equipped, officered, and manned in record time."


The company made wise provision for the future of the men fighting the battles of the Empire. On a vast

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