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cleared within ten days for a French port from Montreal recently, the charter parties averaged only 28 cents per 100 lbs. and eight dollars on hay, a saving of close on fifty per cent. on current commercial rates.

"The Canadian Pacific Railway Company made no charge for the use of their docks by the chartered vessels, and. also warehoused all the goods free; the Allan Line also placed portions of their sheds at the free disposal of the Government. Over 600,000 sacks have been stored in and passed through the C.P.R. Sheds, and, in addition, vast quantities of sacked oats were piled in the upper portion of the company's dock warehouse and subsequently loaded into chartered vessels consigned to French ports of call.

"The company extended the same facilities to the Governments of Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta in connection with the gifts of these provinces to the Mother-land."

The full significance of what the railways were to Canada in the supreme crisis of her history will not be fully realized until the war is over and there has been a national stock-taking. They have been as important in the conduct of the war as the armies sent overseas. Indeed without them the force that Canada would have been able to send to the Front would have been negligible. Corporations are popularly considered without heart or conscience, but in the fight for democracy against militarism, the battle for human liberty against tyranny, the railway companies of Canada, one and all, have proved themselves thoroughly unselfish, supremely self-sacrificing. In a recent article Mr. C. H. Gibbons has powerfully summed up the activities of the C.P.R. in the Great World War. We cannot do better than quote a portion of his summary :

"To the organization and business administration of the War Department the company has loaned its trained executives and its continentally famous experts in the

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